Orphan Sunday


In honor of Orphan Sunday this Sunday I thought I share some of my heart.  You’ve read or heard me time and time again say that God calls us all to care for orphans! All orphans everywhere.  I’ve struggled some with others thinking that is a job for someone else.  And I get it, you’re overwhelmed with your life now, your kids, your expenses, etc.  But we are all called to help in some way.  First of all, be burdened by the orphan crisis.  There is around 153 billion orphans in the world.  And many believe that number should be higher.  Let that sink in 153 BILLION.  Let that grieve you, let our hearts be broken for what breaks His!  And a child living without a family BREAKS GOD’S HEART.  Second, do something – pray, help adoptive families, don’t judge families with tons of kids all of different races, don’t mistreat a biological mom trying hard to raise her kids she chose LIFE for sometimes in the hardest of circumstances, give, donate, foster, adopt.  Just do something!!

Please don’t let things of this world confuse you.  Please don’t think if a child has a roof, food, and clothing then they’ll be fine.  Children NEED families.  Children all over the world for thousands of years have lived without much, without a good roof, without clothes even and have thrived because they have the loved of a momma and a daddy.  Someone to cuddle them, to give them attention, to LOVE them.

Adoption saves lives truly.  And I don’t mean adoptive parents are some sort of saints or saviors, but they are the tool God uses to give children what the need.  I have so many examples of this that I’ve seen from other people but I’ve never been more sure of this until I saw it right here in my own family in my own home.  Flint is a completely changed child.  I could go on and on with page after page of things he did when we adopted him.  Things that were heartbreaking, sad, annoying, and painful to sooth himself to make it through life ALONE.  I could give you list after list of things he couldn’t do when we adopted him, things he should have been able to do if he had a home.  But I won’t.  I’m going to tell you what he CAN do now after almost 10 months with his family.

Flint lets us rock him to sleep for nap and bed time every day.  He enjoys it, he fits right in the crook of my arm and right on his daddy’s chest.  He smiles and laughs at his brothers and us 50 times a day.  He hugs and kisses many times every day, read that again – he HUGS us just because.  He dances to music.  He (just this week) yells MOMMA when he wants something.  He gets excited and signs “daddy” everytime his Daddy drives up, and yells “nanna” (Ha! I don’t know why he calls his daddy nanna).  Flint can grasp small toys in his hands.  He can put puzzles together, build towers with blocks, and figure out how to twist and turn everything.  He go a whole day without a throwing a fit.  He goes 95% of meals without crying.  He can find his parents and brothers in a crowd.  Flint loves his grandparents and can stay with them without any bad regression (other than being spoiled).  He can feed himself and eat off of a spoon and fork on his own.  He can make choices about food instead of just eating everything he sees.  He doesn’t need a bottle at night to sooth him.  He can use about 25 signs.  He can say Momma, Nanna, look, yeah, and thank you own his own (most of them don’t sound perfect but we know what he means).  He signs I love you when you tell him.  He doesn’t cry when we change him.  He can blow kisses.  He can touch and hold an animal with no fear.  He can jump off the side of the pool and hold his breath and swim all over the place.  He play with toys on his own happily.  Flint has gained 5 pounds.  His tone and core strength are both great.  He hasn’t been sick once since we have had him.  His kidneys are doing great.  He has a wonderful working hearing aid that is all his own.  He will drink milk cold out of a cup.  He pats and hugs anyone who is sad or crying or hurt.  He loves to watch baseball and loves the zoo.  He uses every object that resembles a baseball bat as a baseball bat and throws up another object and hits it across the room.  He loves to wrestle with his daddy.  His skin is soft and smooth and his hair is soft and silky.  He LOVES to take a bath and isn’t afraid.  He LOVES trying on new clothes and is so excited to get them.  He obeys most of the time.  Flint is a Vick, he is happy, he is healthy, he is LOVED.


Gotcha Day – 1/12/2015


Flint’s Baptism – 10/11/2015

This is what love does.  No special people.  No perfect people. No therapy (he has only had speech therapy).  We have lost our patience, had to hide and cry, been on our knees asking God for help, been scared, been clueless, needed breaks, been broke – Ha!, but God can do anything if you follow his will.  When we were about 2 1/2  months home and things were much the same as the day we brought him home I was terrified.  My friends who have adopted before said, “Just wait 3 months.  Just hang on for 3 months and it will get better”.  Finally at 3 ½ moths home we could see some change, some big change.  Things have only gotten better since.  Oh there is still hard stuff, but he is easy to love.  He is actually, other than being the fastest 23 pound human, a pretty easy kid.  He is a complete joy.

I hear over and over people say they’d love to adopt, but…  And usually that but is because of money.  Things have not been easy and we have struggled, but God has gotten us through and stretched pennies and we have made it work.  Please please do not let money or lack there of be a reason not to adopt.  Pray and ask God to guide your steps. Be open and let him show you how, where, and when.  (I can promise you though most times God will say NOW)  We started with zero towards the adoption and 1 year and $35,000 later we were done.  God provides when it is his will.  Yes our house is small and our cars are old, but our hearts are full and we know Flint was meant to be here just as much as his brothers.  There are so so many grants available to adoptive families.  So many people who hear the call to help the orphan will donate.  So many ways you can fundraise.  Just do it!!!  And please consider a boy, so many boys need homes!

This is another sweet boy home 6 months – a before and after picture.  No surgeries, no therapy, just love.  Adoption saves lives!



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