Finally an Update!


Today Flint will have been home for 7 months!  I really can’t believe it!  Just crazy!  He is so much fun and full of energy.  I thought I’d do a little update on him.


Flint is signing like crazy.  He gets his signs confused sometimes so I’m looking for some good flash cards to do with him.  He is saying a few words, his favorite word is look – “OOK” and he says it 75 times a day while pointing.  Because his hearing aid gives him hearing at a normal level he will begin speech therapy in September at the University of Montevallo.  We are really excited about it.  I can’t wait to see what he’ll do.  I’m sure there will be some crying and fit throwing involved.


His health is good.  We are a little frustrated that he hasn’t gained as much weight as we’d hoped but he eats as much as a grown man so we think he’s fine.  His kidneys are still doing well as far as we know with no UTIs.  He sleeps GREAT which is a huge blessing.  He will be having another surgery on September 10th so please keep him, the doctors, and us in your prayers.  We are hoping for a simple surgery and a fast recovery.  He will be having his neck fistulas removed.  We are planning to spend one night in the hospital but we are hoping that won’t be necessary.


Flint loves to swim and can hold his breath and swim with his face in the water.  He can kick himself everywhere.  He also holds his breath and jumps in on his own.  This is so amazing to see, since he was terrified of water when we gave him his first bath.  (Those big brothers help out a lot!) He does everything his brothers do especially Fisher.  He has gone to nursery at church a few times and has done great.  He loves to ride his new little 4 wheeler he got for his birthday, he loves bubbles.  He’s just a wild and crazy fun 2 year old.


I’m hoping to do an update in the next week or so all about his 2nd birthday and how special it was to us.  And hopefully he will treasure the pictures of his 1st birthday as Flint Jacob Vick his entire life. Ligthouse-0188 Ligthouse-0295


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